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Are you following the same google trends that all other publishers are following as well? Are you covering the trending topics only after they have become trends on Google? Is your regional desk covering the same trends as your national desk?

You need to get ahead and start covering topics that are about to become trends. AI Newsroom provides you user searches and search phrases on search engines like Google before they have become trends so that by writing relevant content on the subject before other publishers, you create the trends rather than follow them.


Not only do we give you the top searches in the last hour, but our AI algorithms track and predict what searches are most likely to become trends so that you can prioritise your story production accordingly.

And we don’t stop there. Our AI algorithms analyse Google trends by state to bring you the top trends relevant for each state! Your regional desks will now know what is the audience of their state more interested in and can prioritise their story coverage accordingly.


This product includes the following dashboards - 


  • Publisher Leaderboard - Helps you track story production and performance of stories across Google Search, Google News and Google Trends for the entire industry
  • Real Time Trending Searches by Country - Showcases the top searches on Google in your country the past hour along with priority searches that are converting into trends
  • Real Time Regional Search Trends - Showcases Google Trends by State to ensure your regional desks are focussing on the right trends for their region 
  • Real Time Google News Trends - Showcases topics trending on Google News Platform


So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our Real Time Trends and get ahead of the curve Now!

Real Time Trends

Price Options
Annual - 50% OFF
$209 per month billed annually
$2,499.00every year until canceled
Upgrade to Annual to get 50% Discount
$419.00every month until canceled
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